Friday, February 29, 2008

sunshine, small towns, and great people...

There has been a bit of sunshine outside lately and I very much love it! I love to take walks when its sunny, the way the sun's warmth hits my skin is so refreshing. I love the summer and this makes me long for it even more.
Something that I love to notice while Im taking walks, is the smell... The smell of this small town that I live in. It has a very unique smell that is like none other. Its a mixture of a lot of things. fires or bbqs, cows, grass, almond blossoms, etc. I cant tell what it is exactly, but it is beautiful! When I leave this area, the smell is something I miss greatly.
People... There have been a number of people, great people, that have come into my life recently. They are beautiful in every way and I love them! Two of these people, boys, gave me the most amazing compliment a christian girl could ever ask for... It may seem small, but they told me that they appreciate the way I dress modestly. They even agreed that when girls dress modestly, its attractive. Wow, something like that coming from guys is so amazing. I wish more men would realize that these are the type of things girls need to hear. More girls would cover themselves up if they knew it was something that was attractive and appreciated.
Everyday I realize more and more how beautiful a God I serve. The God. The creator of all things beautiful! Wow!

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  1. I love sunshine, small towns and great people too! :) See you in the morning...unless I go to Crossroads!!

    Love you chica!
    Hang out soon, I promise! :)


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