Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patricks Day

I wrote this last night, but didnt have internet to post it. So here it is now...

I wish I was listening to Irish music and drinking right now. Instead I am sitting at an airport… waiting for my plane… waiting to go home. My trip to Maryland, I would say, was half a success. I didn’t do a lot of things that I planned on doing, but I had a lot of fun doing what I didn’t plan on doing. A lot of the friendships I thought I would have, I didn’t. A lot of the friendships I thought I had lost, I didn’t. Things seemed backwards while I was there, but I am ok with that. I had a lot of fun reconnecting with unexpected people. It is odd, however, that I seemed to disconnect with some people I thought I would never lose. A weird but good trip, indeed.

This is an added bonus:

I am getting back into my daily life, back at home, and I love it! I love the weather. I love the people I see. My family. My everyday life experiences. Life makes me happy. My God helps me love everything in such a new and different way!

"If I am in a position to punish, chances are very good that I am also in a position to teach. Today I reduce the odds that punishment may be necessary by taking the opportunity to teach." ~Anonymous~

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