Tuesday, February 9, 2016

30 Things Before I Turn 30

It is happening, the year I turn the BIG three-o. Yes, 30. So, I made a list of things to do before I turn 30. Does anyone that makes these lists actually do anything on them? I plan on trying. 30 things before 30 is a lot, since the 30 turning will be happening in June.

Here is the list: 
1. Go to a concert
2. Run a 5k
3. Make a Stumpf Fiddle
4. Gain 30 people to It Works
5. Lose 15 pounds
6. Invest money
7. Get a tattoo
8. Overcome a fear
9. Join a club (or start one)
10. Eat at Blue Bayou in Disneyland
11. Pay it forward
12. See a musical
13. Go to Burney Falls
14. Read at least 3 books
15. Take a dance class/lessons
16. Be more active on social media
17. Have friends over
18. Go hiking
19. Make a time capsule
20. Watch some top movies on IMDB
21. Continue to learn Sign Language
22. De-clutter
23. Go on a vacation
24. Make a meal for some friends
25. Save more money
26. Go to a paint night event
27. Sign up for a class
28. Sign up for a half marathon
29. Take a girls trip
30. Throw an amazing 30th birthday party

There it is, my list. I've done some of these things before, but I want to try to do them more often. Here's to making goals and trying to accomplish them! 

"If I am in a position to punish, chances are very good that I am also in a position to teach. Today I reduce the odds that punishment may be necessary by taking the opportunity to teach." ~Anonymous~

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