Friday, July 15, 2011


Sometimes, I look at other amazing bloggers and I think, I need to write something heart felt. Hmmm... Then I try and it doesn't work. Maybe I force it and maybe when I should write what is on my heart, I choose to ignore it instead. Solution=I need to write things down a lot more!
There are a lot of things on my mind lately. I am doing a lot and am very busy! I work at a wonderful place called, Cornerstone Christian Preschool. I hold the title of assistant director and teacher. Recently, I have been adopted into the church family at Cornerstone and have been teaching Sunday school for their preschool program and have also been running the preschool VBS on Wednesday nights. As you can see I am very busy with fun preschool age stuff!
All this hanging out with kids stuff has got me thinking. When will I make time to hang out with big people? I mean, adults. I hang out with my husband and we see his family pretty often. We also have dinner once a week with a great couple that live in our apartment complex. All these things are pretty easy to do and do not take stepping out of my comfort zone too much. What I have realized is my husband and I need other couples to be friends with. On a more serious note, I need real girl friends! Did I just say the word girl and friends in the same sentence? Yes, I did. I have always been more of a "tom-boy" and get along with boys so much better. It is time though, I need, I long for girl friends. My goal is to step out of my comfort zone and be a better friend to girls in my life.

Thoughts, helpful tips, and prayers are welcome.

Just a random wonderful picture of me and the hubby:

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