Friday, September 5, 2008


School has started. Child development classes are fun but hard work.
Im working at a preschool. Its fun and very tiring.
As of now, my life seems to be coming together nicely. I have a feeling something different, hard, yet exciting is about to happen. I also feel like I am ready to experience new things and to go on yet another adventure. Im pretty tired of doing the same thing over and over again, but mostly Im tired of dealing with the same annoying nonsense over and over again.
I kind of want to run away where nobody can find me. The problem with that... Im pretty sure most would be able to guess where I would go. I can think of three possible places... I miss my others homes and my family everywhere around the world.
My heart is aching and needs a change.


  1. what kind of table are you going to have set up? like a yard sale one? i am down to help, just let me know far enough in advance so i can request the time off.

    i totally know what you mean about dreading the time when there will be more money stresses and things to think about. i almost feel like i don't want to grow up. i want to just be able to enjoy this period of being young and single and getting away with working part time and doing what i want for the most part.

    but, i want more than that as well, i want to do more and see more. i don't know if i'll ever be satisfied!!!

    i miss you too my kimberly! i hope we will be reunited again soon!

    muchos besos!


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