Friday, October 17, 2008

Randomness of life...

I really dont know what to write, but I feel like I should write something for the people that dont see me as often as they should, such as Lisa...
I have been feeling rather sick lately, which sucks since I work at a preschool full of cute little kids that dont need to get sick... I took most of Wed. off and slept and hung out with Jeremy and then got a headach by studying for history. It was grand. Thankfully, Im feeling a bit better.
The preschool is fun. The more I work there, the more I realize that I have such a passion for children and who they are going to become. I keep fast forwarding in my mind to when these kids are in their 20s... I so look forward to what they are going to be and to see if I made as much of a difference in their lives as they have in mine... As far as working at the preschool... Ive had a lot of different ideas and have come to a conclusion, but that will be shared at a later date. If you really want to know, you can come ask me.
I love to learn. I love my classes and how much Im learning from them. My two child development classes have already taught me so much! Thanks to just those two classes, Im a better teacher and will be a better mother(someday in the far far far away future). Its so exciting. And, because of those classes, I have realized even more that the preschool age is the age for me.
Im lacking fun in my life. I work, go to school, do homework, and sleep. I really need fun. Any advice?
Life is good for the most part. Im still learning to be more content. I just keep thinking that life will be more fun in a few months or in a year from now... Which by then, Ill probably be living out on my own, so maybe it will be more fun. But, I cant let NOW pass me up!
Until next time... Stay safe and get involved in a childs life!


  1. Hurray for impacting a child's life!

    Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man. ~Rabindranath Tagore

  2. yeahhhh! Glad you are enjoying your classes and work! I know, working with children for 6 years, can become drab and tiring, but if we see it as a calling and know that God has us there for a purpose things get better! You are doing great and I am excited to see how God continues to work in your life as you try and impact the lives of the children!! I know the position you are in isn't the best, but in a few months people might get shifted around and if you let Jaimie know you would love to be moved into a classroom soon, she might let you! :) Let her know on your evaluation that thats one of your goals to get into the classroom. No one really likes doing the job you have, but honestly your position is VERY important. Without you, we couldn't be teaching the kids! And ALLL of us had that position. When time was right, we got moved up! So I hope you know how important your job is! Don't forget that! Glad you could spend some time with me and the kids on Friday!! I like it when we get EVERYTHING done by 4:30 or 5 so you can just enjoy the kids and continue to grow with them! Thanks, Kim for all you do! I pray God blesses you and uses you in the position you have! Glad you see the calling to work with this age! Not many people can handle it!

    Love you girl! Excited for your future! I know it seems redunant with work, school, sleep, work, school, sleep! But there is an end!! :) Just keep looking to Christ in ALL you do! The season will come!! =)

    Happy Sunday! Missed you and Jerm last night! Hope you had a great evening and a wonderful Sunday!

    love you!

    ><> Nell

  3. ideas for fun:
    1. come to SLO next weekend
    2. come to Fresno any time
    3. go thrift store shopping
    4. make a Christmas wish list and email it to me
    5. find a recipe for something you've never made before and bake/cook it
    6. go for a walk in the park and take pictures
    7. go to barnes and noble/borders and look at the calendars
    8. look up flights for a place you really want to go and try to plan a trip
    9. write a poem/story and decorate the page
    10. read a book that you really loved as a kid
    11. try something new the next time you go out to eat
    12. paint an old pair of shoes

    that's all i can come up with for now. i totally read this the day you posted it by the way, i just suck at responding. it's cool that you are loving child development. it is a very interesting subject. and you get hands on experience, so cool! i hope you are getting close to "figuring everything out" if that's even possible! i love you and miss you. i wish we could have spent more time together this weekend! btw, i am totally holding your dress hostage!


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