Saturday, November 22, 2008

soon to come...

I am really excited to write down my thoughts and what has been happening in my life (in the past year) soon. You know how people send out Christmas cards and reflect on life in a little newsletter type thing? We all get them from old friends, family, neigherbors, etc. Well, I am going to write one, probably a little after Thanksgiving, but I am going to be posting it on this rather than sending it out to a bunch of random people. I figured with myspace, facebook, this, even xanga, the people that care to read it will be able to. Anyway, Im really excited, because a lot has happened and a lot is going to happen!

School is almost over and my grades are... good enough, hopefully.
Work is long, tiring, but a true blessing. Even on days where I hate it, I love those little kids and working with a close friend (Shanelle) has been beyond amazing.
Jeremy is great. Almost 8 months since we have been together and nothing in the world has ever made me happier than that man. I love being with him, watching him grow, and having him challenge me on a daily basis. The perfect man... Maybe not, but perfect for me!

More to come after Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! and Happy Birthday to my big brother, Joshua.


  1. I like the newsletter idea. and yes Kim, its been the best 8 months of my life! (Yes I'm cheezy but you love it!)

    I'm looking forward to many many more months and years by your side.

  2. awww. What a sweet post. You and Jerm are cute ;) Its been amazing to see God in both of your lives. Excited for what the future holds too!! Thanks for the sweet compliment. I know I can seem grumpy or moody at times..and I apologize. Working that many hours with kids and ....well... you know who ;) can drive you a little crazy! :)~ Its been awesome having you there too. Thanks for all your help in the classrooms, with breaks, lunches, cleaning and for the parties. Your reward is coming ;) Love you girl. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

  3. Whatever happened to "More to come after Thanksgiving" hmmmm? Not that I have a right to say anything... I posted my first new post in 3 months.... But then I haven't had my own computer for over three months, so I guess thats a good reason....


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