Wednesday, July 20, 2011


What inspires you? My grandma made the items in the above picture. They sit in a bookshelf we use as a pantry. We use the glasses occasionally when we are feeling fancy. :) Every time I look at them, I am inspired to try new things with my crafts. I love that my grandma's crafty abilities were passed down to me, although I have not taken up the art of glass painting yet.

People inspire me all the time! They inspire me to create, to dream, to achieve goals, to be better. For the next couple of weeks, on Thursdays, I am going to dedicate an entire post on the different people that inspire me and why. I hope that my posts titled, "Inspiration Thursday" inspire you to dream, create, achieve!

I will leave you with a few pictures:

Julie Andrews, a woman that only betters with age. I love her!

Tay, trying to get us to feed her.

Batman, when he was little enough to fit inside our "fruit" bowl

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  1. hey batman! my meow just came out just when i started looking at her page. like she thinks im cheating on her telepathically lol. she has a bf next door that looks just like batman! his name is sly (sylvester) though lol. :)


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