Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Buzz about Me

 Today I am linking up with From Mommy to Calm Insanity and her The Buzz about Me weekly posting!

1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a singer and an actress!

2. Most people go through several phases in life. What is the one phase you went through that you now look back on and wonder what in the world were you thinking?
My goth stage, although it wasn't an extreme goth stage. However, all black and depressing and yuk.

3. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
I had a boyfriend in Maryland and we did the long distance thing during summers and winter breaks when I came home to California. That is as close as I ever came.

4. What are five inanimate objects you can not live without?
I lived without my phone for a long time, but now that I have it I don't know how I did it! Chapstick of course, coffee, my bible, and my teddy bear that Dad gave me! 

5. Are you superstitious?
I don't believe in a lot of it, however I don't think we should "test the waters" I'm not superstitious in the black cats, full moon type of way, but I do believe in spirits that aren't of this world and I'm not one to mess with that sort of thing.

6. What is one of your talents?
I would say that I have the talent to create things and to make old things come to life again. Being an artist in every shape and form runs in my family. I love it!

7. What is your favorite animal?
My two brats of course :) Tay and Batman! 

8. Heels or flats?
Flats, I work with kids flats are the only way to go!

9. What's you favorite season?
SUMMER! Although, I now have an appreciation for all the seasons and love them all for their own reason.

10. Out of all the places you have lived, what has been your favorite?
I love Canada and would love to visit there every year! I also love Michigan and it is my second home, since my parents live there. :) However, my fav place is Maryland and I would love to go back there someday! 

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up with me and my first week of questions. I have never been to Canada (that I was old enough to remember anyway) and would love to go someday. And I'll all about summer too!
    When I was a teen, I wanted to be a singer soooo I think I can sing but hubby tells me I'm the worst. What does he know right? :) And we both agree to our Goth phases. I wasn't as hardcore as some kids, but still ....

  2. Hi! New follower from FMW..visit my new blog if you'd like:
    I'm also on Etsy-I'm off to fave your shop-cute headbands!


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