Monday, September 19, 2011

First Feature and First Blog Award!

I was featured for the first time by:

I just saw that I was featured and I am so excited about it! Check it out in this post!

Also, a while ago I got my first blog award by a wonderful blogger (also my sister-in-law, Breeann)! I'm so excited to share!
My requirements for this award are to:
-List 7 random facts about myself
-Link back to Breeann that gave me this award
-Pass it on to 8 other bloggers

7 Random Facts:
1. I love the state, Maryland! I want to visit it again so much!
2. I have a second home in Michigan. My parents live there and going there is like being home. 
3. Yesterday my niece was born and she is beautiful! (Still waiting on one to come in November!)
4. I love to craft and be artistic! I love to make almost anything. 
5. I have my A.A. in Biblical Studies and am almost done getting my A.A. in Child Development
6. My favorite color is turquoise and it was the main color in my wedding. 
7. I love watching SNL (Saturday Night Live) re-runs with my hubby and have a new found "like" for Jimmy Fallon! 
See more random facts in my about me section of my blog! Also, I am a lot like Breeann and can relate in a lot of her random facts, so go read those by clicking here

It is your turn my blog-y friends:
1. Maria @ Agape Love Designs & Photography
2. Sharde @ The Style Projects 
3. Christy @ High Heels 2 Flip Flops
4. Rachel @ No. 17
5. Jessica @ Jessica N Designs 
6. Ashley @ LittleMissMomma
7. Stephanie @ Luxe Boulevard
8. Nicole @ Miss Mommy 

Check all 8 of them out, tell them I sent you. They truly are irresistibly sweet and totally deserve this award and many more!

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