Monday, September 12, 2011

10 years has passed...

Writing something yesterday was far too emotional for me. So, here I am the day after the 10 year anniversary.

Everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news 10 years ago. I am guessing that most even know what they did and how they felt the week following.
10 years ago yesterday, I woke up for school and it was like any normal day. Until I realized it wasn't. As soon as I started about my routine, I knew something was off this morning. I knew something was different. After getting ready, a friend came to my house for a ride to school and she asked me, "have you seen then news?" I hadn't. We walked outside to my dad, watching tv, as the towers were falling, smoking. My dad said, "you know, your mom is in D.C."
All day at school, we watched the news. We watched as our country was being attacked. We watched in shock, in confusion. For a 15 year old Sophomore it really didn't make much sense.
I remember watching the news for the rest of the week and the weeks to follow at school, no homework was due, it was as if time stopped. Which in a way, for Americans, it did. (My mom was there, but made it home safely.)

There were moms and dads that didn't make it home though. There were husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons that didn't make it home.

10 years ago a lot of people lost their lives. 10 years ago America stood together a little more broken, but strong and united. 10 years ago many men and women made a commitment to themselves to join the military as soon as they could, so they could fight for our freedom. Within those 10 years, many have lost their lives fighting for freedom. 

Never forget. 

Thank a firefighter, police officer, someone in the military or their families next time you see them. They sacrifice more than we could imagine.

Jared Hagemann 
Joined the military, because of the attacks on September 11, 2001 and took his own life this past June after 8 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from PTSD.

(Before watching this 9-11 video, make sure you go down and turn off my music I have playing on my page.)

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